Spring fun - planting and growing cress

Posted: Mar 10, 2017 by: Steph Wilde (swilde) on: Class 3

We've really been getting into the Spring fun this week by growing and eating our own cress. We've enjoyed learning about how plants grow from seeds, and that they need water and sunlight.

We began by making our cress heads. Firstly we prepped the soil with water and made our "heads" by scooping up the soil and putting it into tights.


Next, we put cotton wool on top and sprinkled on the seeds. We made sure that the cress heads where in sunlight and that we watered them every day.


We liked looking at them every day to see if they were growing - and they were! We even put our pictures on the front so the cress looked like hair!


When the cress was fully grown we decided we should put it to good use and make egg, cress and mayonnaise sandwiches. We had loads of fun buttering the bread, boiling the eggs and cutting the cress.


Some of us just couldn't wait to get home and eat it!



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