Class 4 loved History Week

Posted: Jun 6, 2018 by: Moira Ellis (mellis) on: Class 4

Before the half term break we learned about the Romans in our annual history week. Class 4 participated in a range of activities including mosaics, making Roman jewellery and coins and making pottery lamps.

We all dressed in Roman costumes and decorated the school hall with columns, statues and mosaics. We held a Roman feast in the hall where we ate some of the foods that were eaten in that era. Each class made a different dish for everyone to try; class 4 made a type of bread with cheese and tomatoes which was quite yummy !!

A museum kindly lent us some artifacts for the children to explore. There were Roman shields, clothes, pots and jewellery which we found really interesting. We also had a Roman music session and learned about aqueducts.

Class 4 loved learning about the Romans, we had lots of fun and discovered lots of facts about the way they lived.


We are continuing with our topic on teamwork for the rest of this term. We have worked together in our cookery lessons to produce some delicious biscuits which we enjoyed tasting. In Science we potted lavender bushes for our outdoor area and planted sunflower seeds which the children look after together. They make sure they are watered, get enough sunshine and have put canes in to support the plants as they grow. Each child has a sunflower of their own and they are becoming quite competitive about whose will grow the tallest.

Later in the term we will hopefully be able to show you pictures of the flowers and find out who won !!


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