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The school annual production-The Jungle Book

Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

Since returning to school after the Christmas holidays Class 6 have been busy rehearsing for our annual school production of The Jungle Book. We have been learning our lines, making props and practicing all the songs. We are so proud of all our pupils who put on a wonderful performance which was very well received by everyone who came to watch it.


Our topic for this term is Speak Up so the children learning their lines and performing was part of their creative curriculum work. We are also learning about Mahatma Gandhi and how he spoke out to help the people of India.

Some pupils are working towards the Mencap Gateway Award and others are creating pieces of work that will form part of their Arts Award Accreditation so they are all very busy! We will keep you updated on their progress.

Above are pictures of some of Class 6's children in the costumes they wore for the school performance, hope you enjoy looking at them.

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Looking at our community

Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

Class 6 have very busy working on their Community topic. We have been looking at our families, our school and the wider community. We have visited local shops and parks and have been to vets, dentists and other places where there are people who help us in the community. We were very lucky to have a visit from the local fire service who brought their fire engine and came to talk to us about their equipment, fire safety and the things they do to help people. They let us sit in their fire engine, which we really enjoyed.

Class 6 are really looking forward to Christmas. We have decorated our classroom, made cards, and will be joining in all the fun activities in school. A group of us are also going to sing carols at a local nursing home and are going on our Christmas trips. Some pupils are going to SPACE and some are going to Level in Preston to play mini golf and bowling and to have lunch.

Class 6 would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you next year!!!!!

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Welcome back

Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

We would like to welcome back all the pupils in Class 6 after the Summer holidays, especially our new member of class, Emily, who is settling in well.

Our topic for this term is 'Community'. We will be looking at different communities including our family, our school and the wider community learning about the Fire Brigade, Police and Ambulance Service and the ways in which they help us. We are hoping some members of these services will come into our class and talk to us about what they do.

We are also continuing our inclusion links with Walton-le-Dale High School where some of our pupils will be joining them for P.E. Science, I.C.T and Art.

We shall be going on community visits to places such as the local library, shops and hopefully a nice cafe for some tea and cake and we look forward to sharing with you photographs of where we have been and what we have been doing.

Watch this space!!!!! 

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Roman Week

Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

Before half term, Class 6 really enjoyed taking part in Roman week. The week was filled with lots of exciting activities that gave the children a real insight into life in the Roman times. They made mosaics, Roman jewellery and Roman lamps out of clay.

Towards the end of the week, the children loved a Roman feast in the school hall tasting different types of food which were hand made by each class. Class 6 made Roman biscuits. We also hosted 'The Coppice Roman Games' which was lots of fun. They especially loved defeating 'Antonius' the Roman Gladiator. The children also raced to build a roman wall, threw bean bags to knock over Roman statues and had a chariot race.  

Class 6 looked fabulous in their outfits all week and made excellent Roman's. Well done everyone!

Enjoy the photos...






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Egyptian Masks

Chelsea Houlihan (cshepherd) on: Class 6

This blog is about Egyptians

Oh how busy we have been

We want to know your opinions

Take a look if you haven't already seen...

The children had to design

A Tutankhamun mask

They took great joy

In this amazing task!

The colours they used were beautiful

Yellow, gold and blue

Don't they look fantastic

Surely you can see it to!

We didn't just choose colours

We had to paint, stick and glue

The children did a super job

And the teachers' said 'wahooooo'

Now we have the finished product

Off they go up on display

Moving onto the next topic

We will see you another day!







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