Class 6

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

Chelsea Houlihan (choulihan) on: Class 6

This term in class 6, our topic is 'Going Places'. The children have explored different types of transport and what makes them move. The children went to Blackburn Train Station to explore the train timetables, observe the trains and see where they were going. 


We continued with the theme 'wheels' throughout our Art, Music and Food Technology sessions so that they linked into our 'Going Places' topic. In Art the children made some fabulous art work of wheels using different materials and designs...


In cookery, they transformed doughnuts into wheels using black icing and sprinkles...


& in music the children have produced their own song called 'Keep that Wheel Turning'. We have also looked at different types of music at different speeds. The children had to decide whether the piece of music was allegro or largo which means fast or slow.

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Boccia Competition

Chelsea Houlihan (choulihan) on: Class 6

Last week, class 6 and some of the students in FE took part in the Lancashire Boccia Competition. To represent our school we entered three teams which were called 'The Dream Team', 'The Coppice Dynamos' and 'The Coppice Cougars'. All the pupils worked so hard to follow the rules of the game, learn new tactics and play together as a team.


There was a total of 25 teams participating in the tournament which were divided into 5 leagues. 'The Dream team' came 5th in their league, 'The Coppice Cougars' came 3rd and 'The Coppice Dynamos' also came 5th. All the pupils played exceptionally well, tried their best and most importantly had fun!!!


Well done to all the students for taking part and thank you to Sporting NRG and Boccia England for inviting us to this event every year.

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Class 6 


Inclusion at Walton-le-Dale High School

Chelsea Houlihan (choulihan) on: Class 6

This academic year some members of class 6 will be attending Walton-le-Dale High School to experience Science, PE and Art sessions in a high school setting. The children have been going over the past couple of weeks and have settled in really well. They are enjoying using all the exciting equipment, making new friends and learning new skills. 



They loved using the Bunsen burner's in Science...


& Playing hockey on the AstroTurf in PE.

Going to the  High School is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to show off their skills and talents which we will continue throughout the year. A big thank you to Walton-le-Dale for their support with all our inclusion links.

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Languages Day

Chelsea Houlihan (choulihan) on: Class 6

Last Tuesday each class picked a country to celebrate for languages day, therefore class 5 chose to explore Spain's language and culture. We started the day off with an introduction to Spain and the children learned the meaning of the emblems on the Spanish flag. 


The children got a real insight into the Spanish culture, how the people live and the different types of food they eat. They then had a go at making a range of authentic Spanish recipes which the children later tasted in our very own Spanish restaurant.  

Here, the children are preparing freshly squeezed orange juice...


Empanada's ( Tomato & Tuna pasty )... 


Creme Carmelo.....


Here are the children in our Spanish restaurant enjoying all the fine cuisine including Spanish omelette, olives and seafood paella. 

We finished off the day in style with flamenco dancing and traditional music played on the Spanish guitar. All the children got involved and embraced the style of music, dance and song. 


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French at Walton-le-Dale High School

Chelsea Houlihan (choulihan) on: Class 6



This term, some of the children in Class 5 and FE have been attending French lessons at Walton-le-Dale High School with Madame Rowson. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and really got 'stuck in' to learning the French language. Each week, Madame Rowson has introduced new vocabulary for them to say in French.

Here are a number of words and phrases the children have been working on...

Bonjour - Hello

Salut - Hi

Je m'apelle  - My name is...

Comment cava - How are you?

Bien - Good

Comme ci comme ca - so so

Mal - Bad

Au Revour - Goodbye 

The children learned the French words for different colours when choosing a sparkly coloured hat to wear for the session. These were 'magic hats' that made the children speak French whilst wearing them. Here, they are wearing a rouge coloured hat and a noir coloured hat. Do you know which is which?


The children then moved onto numbers 1-10 in French by singing a 'catchy' song, matching cards, and playing games on the interactive white board. All the children loved getting involved, standing up in front of the class and showing off what they'd learned. 


Next week, the children will be tasting and smelling different French foods to get a real insight into the French culture. They are looking forward to experiencing the French cuisine, especially some pain au chocolat. The Coppice School would like to say a big thank you to Madame Rowson and Walton-le-Dale High School for providing us with such a fantastic opportunity. 

Au Revoir