Our Secondary Curriculum

Pupils in our secondary department are in year groups Y7 to Y11. 

KS3: Yr7 to Yr 9

KS4: Yr10 - Yr 11

Pupils continue to be taught in mixed ability classes with the opportunity for timetabled groupings to meet the specific needs of learners. 

Each class is led by a class teacher, with a supporting level 3 teaching assistant and additional support staff to meet the individual needs. 

On entry to the secondary department at Y7, staff work collaboratively to determine Individual Learning Pathways for each pupil that will lead to appropriate accreditation and work related learning in preparation for adulthood. 


The secondary curriculum offers a continued approach to the creative curriculum and staff ensure that learners carry on building upon the skills and levels of independence developed in the primary department.

There is a 4 year rolling programme of topics to ensure breadth and balance in the pupils' learning opportunities.

The themes for 2023 - 2024 are; 

Autumn : Music Mosaic: Music through the Decades

Spring: My Amazing World: Planet Earth 

Summer: Plant, Grow and Eat!: Fascinating fruit and veg!


At Key Stage 4 pupils continue to access the same model as in Key Stage 3, however, acquiring greater independence and essential life skills in preparation for college life and a post Coppice placement.

Pupils gain recognition for their achievements through externally accredited courses, e.g ASDAN Personal Progress Qualification, Arts Award and the Duke of Edinburgh award.

All learners have the opportunity to participate in work related learning and, where appropriate, identified pupils are encouraged to extend their learning through supported inclusion links at a local high school.