Whole School Overview

We strive to provide a personalised curriculum for every learner that;

  • promotes the acquisition of new skills 
  • encourages the development of self help and independence 
  • actively involves parents and carers
  • makes effective use of the wider community 

Learners at The Coppice School are aged between 2 years and 19 years over six Key Stages; 

Early Years Foundation Stage: 2 years - 5 years,

KS1: 5 years - 7 years

KS2: 7 years - 11 years

KS3: 11 years - 14 years

KS4: 14 years - 16 years

KS5: 16 years - 19 years.

With this in mind, we place great importance on the progression from one Key Stage to the next. Please see the first document below for more information. 

To ensure we offer broad and balanced curriculum, the school operates a theme based approach with rotating focus on curriculum areas.

In 2018-19, the staff worked together to modify the way this is planned to better reflect the needs of pupils of all abilities and learning styles as described in the curriculum statement below. The staff planned together as well as individually, to ensure that we maximised the expertise both in subject knowledge and in skills meeting the needs of learners with different abilities and learning styles. The new topic cycle will be introduced in September 2019; staff will analyse the impact and make any ongoing changes needed to keep our curriculum vibrant.