Acorn Class

Autumn Term

Sian Peel (speel) on: Acorn Class

We welcomed 3 new starters in September and they have all settled well and are enjoying all the activities and day to day ‘hustle and bustle’ of Acorn Class.

Our topic this term is based on the whole school theme of The Victorians, but we have been focussing on ‘Old and New’ to make the learning activities more meaningful for our pupils.

We have compared old and new coins and stamps which linked in at the time of the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth so we looked at the different monarchs on the stamps and coins images. We also held a class tea party to commemorate her reign as Queen which the children really enjoyed.

The children had a wonderful Victorian wash day experience with lots of interesting items to explore – there was a washtub and board and a big block of soap. Then they used wooden tongs to lift out the clothes and hang them on the maiden. 

We have explored old and new transport and have spent the last couple of weeks looking at old and new experiences of seaside holidays. The children have really enjoyed watching and then making our own Punch and Judy show, building sandcastles and then having ice cream – so some things haven’t changed that much!

After half term we will be learning more about ‘Old and New’ toys and household items, then I’m sure our Victorian Christmas preparations will be here before we know it!



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Sian Peel (speel) on: Acorn Class

We are fast approaching the end of the summer term and it seems like this year has flown by. We have been enjoying practising our class Singalong performance and hope those of you who came to watch, enjoyed it.

Acorn Class have all been enjoying their weekly visits to The Space Centre and also the lovely weather we have had so far. We have been able to get to play outside in our outdoor area and also visit the sensory garden each week. We hope that the Easter egg seed bombs that your child brought home have done as well as the one we put into our garden - it is amazing!  As well as all the fun things we have been up to, the pupils have also been working hard and it’s fantastic to see that the hard work over the year has paid off as they are showing us lots of new and independent skills nearly every day! They seem to have grown up so much.

We hope you have an enjoyable summer break and look forward to welcoming everyone back in September! We bid farewell to some pupils moving into other classes and hope that they settle in quickly and enjoy their new classes.



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Healthy Heroes

Sian Peel (speel) on: Acorn Class

Acorn Class were all keen to be back in school after the Easter holidays. The children have settled straight back into our familiar routines and are enjoying the new topic of ‘Healthy Heroes’. We had a special letter from Superhero Sid and Sally asking the children to help them learn about which foods are good for them, to help them stay strong and healthy. We have been reading about and exploring the different foods from The Very Hungry Caterpillar story. We will also be sharing the stories of Handa’s Surprise and The Disgusting Sandwich!

As we also need exercise and fresh air to stay fit and healthy we have been out for a short walk up to Withy Grove Park for a little picnic and a play there. We are looking forward to lots of exciting activities that are planned for the rest of this term and hoping that the weather will stay lovely and sunny.


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Friends and Family

Sian Peel (speel) on: Acorn Class

Acorn Class have been doing some amazing work so far this term. We have created some fantastic portrait pictures and displayed them on our wall. The children have all loved our weekly Powerpoint of ‘Through the Keyhole’ – we have seen brilliant reactions from all the children when they have recognised photos of their house or members of their family on the big screen. They have also enjoyed looking at each other’s pictures and have learned to recognise people and places related to their friends.

We have recently started a new sensory story; Julia Donaldson’s, ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’. We have a little cardboard house and we enjoy squashing the animals into the house and also using the BIGmack to repeat the main phrase from the story- ‘my house is a squash and a squeeze’ and we all have a big squeeze at the same time!

In the coming weeks we will also be exploring growth in plants so we will be planting and growing seeds, then hoping to seeing the results before the Easter holidays. It has been so lovely to have some sunnier weather too, this will help our seeds to grow but also lets us enjoy more playtime outdoors.



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My Family

Sian Peel (speel) on: Acorn Class

This term Acorn class are learning all about ‘Me and my family’. We have already started to focus on ‘Me’ and we are looking closely at our faces and creating some wonderful self portraits which will be on display in our classroom soon! We have been practising lots of songs and action rhymes about body parts to widen our knowledge about ourselves and our bodies – 'If You’re Happy and you Know It'; 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 'etc.

We are also looking forward to seeing photos of all the things that are important to the children – their homes, families, favourite things, bedrooms, pets, favourite toys etc. I am hoping that we can get to watch some interesting ‘Through the Keyhole’  presentations and see each child’s reaction to the pictures they recognise!

We will be reading stories about different families and their houses – 'The Three Little Pigs', 'A Squash and a Squeeze', 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' to mention a few. Our children are also working hard on lots of other areas of their development – we have been doing well with our listening and attention group, our physio activities are keeping us all very busy and even our dinner times provide opportunities to learn new skills and behaviours. Well done, Acorn Class!


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Welcome back

Welcome from Class 1

Sian Peel (speel) on: Welcome back

Firstly we would like to welcome back to school, all the children in Class 1, along with new pupils and a new member of staff.  This term our topic is 'Music Moasic', and we have been listening to a variety of music, from 'Classical' to 'Rock and Roll'.  We have discovered we can move our bodies to the beat.  As a class we have listened to lots of sensory stories and rhymes, our favourites being 'Dear Zoo' and 'Hickory Dickory Dock'.  We particularly enjoyed listening to the animal sounds and bell chimes.  Sensory and messy play has also proven to be popular, exploring a variety of different textures and smells.  'We are all Artists' in Class 1.  We have created our own picture frames and look forward to our work being displayed.  The winner of a new resource is ....... 'a giant cardboard box'.  All the children have loved exploring the twinkling lights and material. 

We are looking forward to next term to find out what more we can learn and discover.


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