Maple Class

Our Amazing World

Sian Peel (speel) on: Maple Class

We have had a great half-term back to school after Christmas. The topic this half-term has been ‘Our Amazing Earth’ and Maple class have had a lot of fun whilst learning about each of the continents and painting their own version of the world. Our sensory learners have enjoyed music and movement, where we have listened to songs whilst using our vision, hearing and movement to learn about the world.


In English we have been looking at instructions. Pupils explored instruction books and then followed instructions to make their own finger puppets. Our sensory learners have enjoyed bringing stories to life using their senses and props to create a sensory experience whilst listening to Mr Wolfs Pancakes.


Maple class have been using their weighing skills as they have learnt about weight and balance. Pupils have selected familiar objects to weigh and then used scales to balance with another object. Our sensory learners have enjoyed engaging in number fun songs.


In RE we have been learning about Christianity and thought about how we guide and help people throughout our lives. Pupils have explored the bible and then designed and created their own cross.


In Cookery we have been sequencing the steps of making our own sandwiches and then followed the steps to make a cheese sandwich. We have enjoyed making garlic bread, pizza and avocado on toast.


We are looking forward to the next half-term, where we will be focusing on art and keeping our bodies healthy.


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Autumn term.

Sian Peel (speel) on: Maple Class

We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming back children into school for our new school year. It’s been lovely to hear all about their summer adventures. This year we have welcomed one new pupil and one member of staff, Jane to our school. We have also been joined by pupils from Rowan class.


Maple class has lots of exciting learning planned for the Autumn Term. Our topic is ‘music across the decades’. We have already enjoyed listening to different pieces of music from the 1940’s all the way through to the 2020’s. Pupils have listened well and then decided whether they thought it was a hit, miss or a maybe. Our favourite so far has been Elvis Presley! In History, pupils have been impressing us with their amazing hand jive skills as we look back to the 1950’s.


In cookery Maple class have enjoyed making and eating a delicious apple pie. We have continued to learn and develop our life skills. The pupils have been weighing, peeling, rolling and chopping their ingredients.


In numeracy we have begun to learn about length. We used a stadiometer and measured our friends to find out their height. Pupils then looked at the results and decided who was the tallest through to the shortest in class. In addition, we have also been using a ruler to measure different objects.


During this term Maple class are very excited to be having their music lesson with Mrs Seddon, where we will be composing our own piece of music! We are also looking forward to creating our own junk model for recycling week.


Maple class has had a fantastic start to this academic year and we are looking forward to sharing our progress in future blogs!

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Sian Peel (speel) on: Maple Class

Maple Class have enjoyed a very busy and exciting Summer Term. We have continued to learn about the seven continents in the world by making African jewellery and masks. In music we have listened to a variety of songs from around the world and decided whether it was a 'Hit, Miss or Maybe'.

Maple Class have continued to enjoy making delicious food in cooking. We have made foods from different continents, including onion bhaji's and scones. The pupils then enjoyed the scones with jam and cream.

In Science pupils have chosen and explored a variety of objects, then proceeded to make a prediction as to whether it would float or sink. We recorded our predictions and were interested to see the results. We have also learnt about density and carried out practical experiments.

In Maths pupils have been very busy learning about time and 3D shapes. Sensory learners have enjoyed choosing shapes and then exploring them.

All of Maple Class were very excited to be in the school play, “Once Upon a Fairytale”, where they were happy to see family and familiar people in the audience, watching them perform. Pupils played different roles from the Disney film “Aladdin”.

We are thankful to South Ribble Borough Council Sports Development, who visited school on numerous occasions to teach us this year’s dance for “Dance from the Heart”.  For the main event we even had a visit from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Elsa! Some of our pupils have also been on the school trip to Hothersall Lodge, where they have enjoyed taking part in various outdoor and indoor activities.

We hope that you all have a lovely summer and we look forward to welcoming all the pupils back in September.



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World Travellers

Sian Peel (speel) on: Maple Class

As part of this term’s topic ‘Oceans, Deserts and Mountains: World Travellers’, Maple Class have been recognising and exploring the seven continents. In Geography we have looked at Asia and studied Mount Everest. The pupils have then created their own amazing interpretations of the mountain using paints, materials and flags.

 In Maths, we have been looking at money. Pupils have been working on recognising each coin and understanding its value.  Sensory learners have worked very hard exploring the coins and then identifying and choosing the same coin. Next term we will be looking at time and 3D shapes.

 In English, the pupils have continued to improve their dictionary skills and alphabetical order. We will continue with this as we progress through the Summer Term.

 Every Wednesday South Ribble Borough Council have been visiting the school to carry out 'bikeability'. The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed improving their confidence and stability whilst riding a bike. We have also enjoyed our visit from South Ribble Borough council on a Thursday for Dance from the Heart. The pupils have been practicing a dance routine and will perform this in a couple of weeks.

In cookery we have continued to explore the continents, we prepared and made delicacies from different continents. We have made delicious lamingtons from Australia and pizzas from Italy. Sensory learners have enjoyed exploring and mark making in the ingredients. We also participated in the celebration of the King’s coronation by dancing around the maypole, playing bingo, making coronation cupcakes as well as designing and creating amazing crowns to wear throughout the day. We also thank M and M Productions for a fantastic performance of ‘The Secret Garden’, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. We are practising hard for the school performance and are looking forward to performing it in weeks to come.



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Japanese fun!

Sian Peel (speel) on: Maple Class

This term in Maple we have been working extremely hard! In Maths we have been learning about capacity. Pupils have been working on being able to identify different levels of capacity and predicting which container will hold more or less. Our sensory learners have had lots of opportunity to explore in water, whilst filling and emptying different containers.  In English the pupils have been challenged to think about letter recognition, as we have continued to improve our alphabetical ordering skills. We have followed instructions and made items using the Japanese art of paper folding “origami”.  The pupils enjoyed carrying out a Japanese tea ceremony, as we continued to learn about Japan. In the ceremony we listened to traditional Japanese music, followed Japanese rituals and tried some Japanese tea! Maple Class have also been learning about the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who is famous for her use of polka dots. The pupils have made some clay pumpkins and will be decorating them in future lessons.  As a school we celebrated “Science Week” by learning about the topic “Connections”. Maple Class began by thinking and understanding what Science is and what it means. We then explored “Connections” by carrying out experiments looking at minibeasts and habitats.  A group of students have begun to access Runshaw College. During this time, they have appeared on Runshaw Radio, where they introduced themselves and even played their own choice of song. They have explored the college and used the outdoor gym equipment. In future weeks they are looking forward to designing and creating in Technology!


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Class 6

Music Mosiac

Sian Peel (speel) on: Class 6

Class 6 has changed quite a lot this academic year. Seven new pupils have joined us from Classes 4 and 5 and we have a new pupil, Laura, who has come to us from another school. She has settled in really well and we hope she will be very happy here at the Coppice.

Steph is the new class teacher and we have a new teaching assistant, Celeste, who along with Ashleigh, Moira and Josie make up the staff team.

Our topic for this term is Music Mosiac. We are looking at music across the decades from the 1950’s to the present day. For the 1950’s we have focused on Elvis Presley. We have looked at the costumes he used to wear on stage and we made our own white sparkly material like the one used to make his famous white suits.

We have also been listening to a lot of his songs. One of our favourites is 'Bossa Nova Baby' which Elvis sang in the film 'Fun in Acapulco'. We have watched Elvis singing this song and have then made a video of ourselves playing along and dancing to it. Each of the students chose a musical instrument to play and they dressed up in sunglasses and flower garlands similar to the ones Elvis used to wear. We had great fun making the video and are hoping to show it to everyone in school when it is our class assembly.


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