Welcome back

Posted: Oct 31, 2023 by: Debbie Bagwell (dbagwell) on: Acorn Class

Welcome back to our pupils from last year and welcome to our new pupils who have joined Acorn in September. They have all settled really quickly and become a welcome part of our class.

Time has flown since we came back to school. We have been working hard on our topic about 'Music Mosaic' with our focus on 'what can you hear?' The children have been taking part in lots of different music and action based activities, such as 'Jabadao' and 'All Join In' which everyone really enjoys. We have also been doing lots of other listening activities and each week have listened to environmental sounds, such as animal noises, sounds around the house, and even a sound story about going to the beach.

We have also been learning about Harvest and Autumn and we have explored the different signs we can see; the leaves changing colour and falling down, animals collecting food and getting ready to hibernate and collecting the Harvest crops in. We also enjoyed a fantastic Harvest Hoedown.



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