Autumn Term

Posted: Nov 18, 2022 by: Sian Peel (speel) on: Beech Class

We are happy to have our students back after a long 6-week break, they have all thoroughly enjoyed being back at school and have done some very exciting activities this term in beech class,  In Topic and History we have been looking at Victorians and even had ago at creating a Victorian school.  The teacher was very strict, and we did not get to sit with our friends.

We have played with toys from the Victorian era and compared them with toys we play with now. Some of the toys seemed familiar to us like dolls and marbles, but all the games where a lot simpler and there were no electronic games!

As part of settling into class with have started a sensory circuit routine where we get to use different equipment like a trampoline and exercise balls to help us focus on the day.

Getting ready for the harvest festival and leading up to Halloween, we had a go a pumpkin carving. We enjoyed this a lot as it was very messy and slimy. We designed a face then drew this on the pumpkin and used special pumpkin carving tools to make the face.



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