Willow's fun!

Posted: Jan 26, 2022 by: Sian Peel (speel) on: Willow Class

Willow Class has had a fantastic start to the new term. All the children have enjoyed returning after the Christmas break. This term our theme is 'Hot Houses, Cosy Homes'. In Maths we have been learning more about numbers and 3D shapes. The children have been using large 3D shapes to build houses and using a wooden house with different door numbers to see which pupil is behind each door. Next, we will be investigating capacity using individual winter activity trays. For English the pupils have very much enjoyed our sensory story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. During the story children are engaged by different sounds, textures and props. Willow Class also made their own muddy garden using frozen vegetables and chocolate sponge mix for the mud. Lots of mark making was made in the mud using rakes and spades. We continue to have a sensory story massage each Friday morning which all children actively take part and relax during the story.


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