Capital Cities

Posted: Mar 17, 2022 by: Sian Peel (speel) on: Rowan Class

What an amazing term this has been for our learning and engagement. We have been able to explore some aspects of different capital cities. We learned about London and went on a virtual bus tour, we even had a ‘show and tell’ experience when one of our pupils brought in a scrapbook of their visit to the capital.

When we learned about Cardiff we made Welsh cakes which were very popular, but not as popular as the haggis we made during our learning about Edinburgh – yummy! Another Scottish experience where we had a fantastic time, was attempting the traditional Scottish reel -all the pupils loved joining in with that.

Paris saw us experience the perfumerie where everyone knew which perfumes and aftershaves they liked and those they didn’t, this was easily judged by look on their faces and their reactions! I think the most popular aspect of our experience of Paris was the Boulangerie which offered French baguettes and croissants.

Rome was the place for pizzas and we made our own for lunch, together with learning about the important landmarks and making our own postcards.

We are continuing our journey and are going to be visiting Poland and Spain next.




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