Music through the decades.

Posted: Nov 2, 2023 by: Debbie Bagwell (dbagwell) on: Rowan Class

What a wonderful start to the academic year we have enjoyed in Rowan class. We have welcomed our new teacher Joseph and our pupils that moved up, we have taken time to get to know each other and build valuable relationships and friendships, creating an enjoyable learning environment.
Our topic this term is ‘Music through the decades’ and we have explored a wide range of music from the 1950’s, all the way through to our current chart favourites. We enjoy voting ‘hit, miss or maybe’ for different songs through the eras.
We have enjoyed a little history, learning about bands such as The Beatles, whose work has spanned through multiple decades, we’ve even become quite familiar with some of their hits that we have enjoyed singing. We even created our very own guitars, using empty boxes and elastic bands as strings, they are great!
Tv shows such as ‘Sooty and Sweep’ have been enjoyed by many generations. We have loved exploring both the old episodes and the new.
Some of our students also had the opportunity to join our residential holiday to Calvert Trust in Keswick, they had an amazing time and achieved so much in just a few days away, we couldn’t have been prouder!


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